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Psychological Services

Ngezwi Psychological Services is a company that provides clinical psychology services since 2013.  It’s founder, Ms Thandazile Mtetwa, a Clinical Psychologist believes in empowering individuals, couples, and families so that when they are empowered, they can be able to empower others. The company’s slogan is “Empowered to empower”.

Services provided include but not limited to

We provide the highest quality personalized psychological services and counseling, matching every client with an appropriate therapy modality that is suitable for the client’s specific.

Individual therapy

Couples therapy (pre-marital and post-marital)

Family Therapy

Medico legal assessments

Treating a wide range of psychological conditions

Are you experiencing excessive worry, racing thoughts, irrational fears, sleep disturbance, increased heart rate, irritability, unusual sweating, fatigue or difficulty concentrating? You may be suffering from Anxiety. We can help.


Are you experiencing intense sadness, isolation, sleep disturbance, increased or decreased appetite, unexpected weight changes, low energy, pessimistic thinking, hopelessness, loss of interest, restlessness or agitation? Depression could be the cause. We can help.


Are you experiencing recurrent, unwanted and distressing thoughts of a traumatic life event? Perhaps the event happened to someone close to you. Post traumatic stress could help explain.

Trauma & PTSD

Emotional distress, personality differences and interpersonal clashes could lead to relationship challenges or conflicts.  We can help.

Relationship Challenges

Does coping with a significant loss seem impossible? We can help you in the healing process.

Grief & Loss

Disappointment and unmet expectations can set in leading to stress and difficulty functioning. We can help you develop healthy and effective ways to cope and manage stress in your life.

Stress Management

Are you experiencing poor control of your anger or negative emotions? We are here to help.

Anger Management

We can help you navigate the connections between personality traits, personal and professional goals and how they impact career and work-related decisions.

Work Issues

We can help you feel confident and secure as you move forward with changes in your life.

Life Transitions

We offer the highest quality personalized psychological services & counseling, helping every individual with their problems & learning our clients’ specific challenges, concerns & needs.